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Dabke Coach Samir is BACK!  You loved Dabke101 so much we made Dabke 2.0!

Here are some of the things people LOVED about our Dabke101 program:

- They FINALLY got to learn some basic moves

- They learned Dabke in the PRIVACY of their own home

- We GUARANTEE your money back, no questions asked if you don't learn with us.


We got many emails from Dabke101 members asking us to give them more videos, more instructions, and more moves.  We got your messages loud and clear so we put together our BEST and BIGGEST Dabke learning program ever and called it Dabke 2.0

With Dabke2.0 we wanted to give you more of what you loved in Dabke101 PLUS MUCH MORE!  We wanted to give you the flexibility of joining ANY part of the line.  Do you want to join the back of the line? The middle? Maybe even LEAD a line?  Do you want to learn new moves because you're sick of doing the standard stuff?  Do you want to learn some more basics?  How about some highly advanced moves?  How about having direct access to ask coach Samir questions?


Warning: There are no pills or potions and this will take some hard work, so if you’re looking for a magic-fix then you’ve landed on the wrong site.  But if you are looking to have great fun, learn all sorts of Dabke steps and gain knowledge from guys that have spent 15+ years in the industry, from the guys that gave you Dabke101, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect to enjoy!

  • Advanced Step-by-Step Video, Audio & Ebooks

    Almost 90 minutes of instructional videos covering everything you need to learn from the comfort of your own home.  Many new moves of various difficulty are included along with a new lecture series to give you deep Dabke knowledge

  • Be The Star Of The Next Wedding

    Taking your Dabke skills to the next level will make you stand out and be the star at the next event.  You will learn to do ANY Dabke move, eve if it's one not included in this program.

  • Private VIP Facebook Community

    The VIP Facebook community will only be open to members and they will have full interaction with coach Samir to have their questions answered for optimal learning.  We will also be providing additional members only content to this private group in the future.  This is only open for a short time period so take advantage now while it's free.

  • Learn Using ANY Device and Practice ANYWHERE.

    Our program is compatible with mobile devices so you can learn ANYWHERE you have an Internet connection.

  • Learn At Your Pace

    Learn at your own speed, in the privacy and comfort of your home.  No one will judge you and you can take your time to learn.

  • Instant Access

    Start learning new steps  INSTANTLY!  As soon as you join the program your password is mailed to you within minutes so you can get started right away.

  • Dance ANY Dabke Style

    The steps and moves we teach allow you to perform ANY style at any event you attend.  Lebanese, Syrian, Jordanian, Iraqi etc.  Learn our moves and there is no style you wont be able to do.

  • You Are Protected By Our Guarantee

    If for ANY reason you purchase our product and you are not happy with it, send us an email within 60 days of purchase and we will give you a 100% refund.  No questions asked 🙂

fade-leftfade-rightOur Customers


...I learned all the moves available and blew my family's mind when all of a sudden at my cousin's wedding I was LEADING the dabke line!! It was freaking awesome! I saw the preview video you guys sent me and man, LET THERE BE MORE DABKE!!! It was such a good workout practicing dabke at home, I can't wait to learn more moves from you guys! Heck I've gotten so into dabke that I'm considering buying a tabel baladi just to have my own dabke parties with =P. You guys are doing an awesome thing by making these videos; fewer and fewer Middle Eastern folks are retaining this amazing traditional dance, and by making such a program available online you guys are preserving the culture. So keep doing what you're doing, I can't wait to see the new program! Best wishes...

- Sami

I am very very excited for the new dabke series!!!
Being Spanish I never grew up with dabke. Since I got engaged this past year I have been searching anywhere and everywhere for dabke instructional videos (specifically Iraqi), so that I can surprise my fiancé by learning how to dabke before we get married.
I just wanted to let you know your first set of videos have been extremely helpful. Now every time I hear dabke music I get excited and find myself doing the steps I learned. Also I am really looking forward to your new series. I hope they will help me to get great practice before my wedding.

- Xabi

Earlier this year I purchased the Dabke101 program to learn how to dabke. I'm originally Iraqi and our chobi dance is not as fast-paced, enjoyable and flexible as the dabke, but I just had no experience in dabke... so the Dabke101 program really saved me by being the only way to actually learn how to dabke! Since then I have become quite comfortable dancing dabke and even went to a lebanese wedding and showed off my moves to everyone's surprise!

When I saw your e-mail about the new program and watched the video I was very happy and am very excited to learn the next level. Especially because I still lack the confidence to lead a dabke, and really that's where all the fun is.

- Naji

You guys are doing a great job.

for years I have been dreaming of picking up dabka and teaching my young boys as well. with very limited venues to learn and apply it you guys are unique and effective in your methods and medium.

Thank you for all you're doing and please keep it up.

- Ahmad

I'm so excited!!! Me and some of my friends are trying to come up with a synchronized dabke for my friends wedding!!! Hopefully with these tutorials we will be a great surprise.

- Deena
quote-tip're doing our people in exile a big favor, this is our culture and you my friend made me very happy saying that you're the only one who has made the effort to put this online.

I am proud of you, and we in Jordan are waiting for your next upload in Dec 2014.

I am Anas from Al Wehdat refugees camp for Palestinians in Jordan and we are proud of you <3

- Anas

Instead of wasting your time trying to pause YouTube videos 1000′s of times in the hopes that you might learn a move or two only to find out you learned the wrong stuff, you will be doing Dabke within minutes of starting this program.  The DABKE2.0 program outlines everything you need to learn in a very easy to follow format.  We teach you exactly what to do and how to do it holding your hands the entire way!  You will learn Dabke quickly and NEVER have to worry about sitting at a wedding or party again.  Everything has been included to ensure your success:

Here is what's included


Dabke 2.0 - Mixed Move Video Series

Enjoy a mixture of 8 new moves that will prepare you for all styles you might come across.  Once you complete this section you will be able to do any style no matter which country it came from.  Lebanese, Palestinian, Jordanian, Iraqi.  We teach you moves that allow you to learn anything you want afterwards.  Coach Samir will take you step by step through each move.  This also includes different angles, zooms and speeds to make sure you get it.

Dabke 2.0 - TAXI Move Video Series

This Taxi Series was meant to be a full product on it's own.  We've decided to include it and make the Dabke 2.0 program, one of our biggest and best.  Enjoy an additional 9 new TAXI Dabke moves, some of which are VERY advanced.  Learn these moves and you will be the best out of all your friends.  Coach Samir will take you step by step through each move.  This also includes different angles, zooms and speeds to make sure you get it.  Act now and save your money, the TAXI program will be sold separately in the future!

Dabke 2.0 - Lecture Video Series

This lecture series will walk you through everything from holding and swinging a stick to properly leading a line.  We've also taken some of the more popular questions we get from people and addressed the issues.  Close to 20 different topics are discussed during the lecture series that cant be missed if you want to take your knowledge to the next level.  This is an absolute MUST if you want to be a proper Dabeek!.

Dabke 2.0 - Quick Start Guide

You’re getting a lot of info and videos with this program.  We’ve put this  PDF checklist together to make sure you know exactly how to get started, what to do, and when to do it to become a Dabke Star!

Dabke 2.0 - Facebook Private Group

People have been asking for better access to Samir.  Enjoy FREE access to the members only Facebook group that will put you in direct touch not only with  Samir, but with other people that are learning as well.  We will share answers to questions we're getting, videos, and additional moves from time to time.  This is your chance to be in our private circle and we will help you as much as we can.  We're not sure how long we're going to keep this feature available or free so take advantage of it before we close it off.

Dabke 2.0 - Video Preview

Here is a small preview of this amazing program just to give you an idea of what you'll see when you join 🙂



 Guarantee #1 - Immediately after ordering the product, working reading through the material and watching the introductory video in the Members Welcome area, you will feel 100% confident in starting our Dabke 2.0 Program.

Guarantee #2 - After just 4 weeks of following our lessons and videos, you will notice a major improvement in your Dabke skills and knowledge.  You will know more about Dabke than your friends.

Guarantee #3 - Within 60 days, you will be THE BEST Dabke dancer among your friends.  A friend or family member will ask you for your “secret” after they see your moves.  We will leave it up to you if you want to tell them 🙂

60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!

If none of this happens, we insist you ask for a refund by sending our team an email here.  You will get 100% of your money back with no hassle.  This way there is no risk, you have 60 days to take our Dabke 2.0 program for a test drive.

To train with one of us for an hour personal training session costs over $100. To teach you everything that is included with the Dabke 2.0 Program would take anywhere from 20 to 30 sessions, which would cost you close to $3,000.  And that’s if you’re a fast learner. With this package you are getting approx 90 minutes worth of videos for 17 moves, approx 20 lectures, and you will have direct access to the teachers through a private group.  You will quickly gain knowledge and skills to become AMAZING at Dabke.  Are you ready to LEARN?

  • 8 Dabke 2.0 Mixed Moves
  • 9 Dabke 2.0 Taxi Moves
  • 20 Dabke 2.0 Mini-Lectures
  • 30 Days Free Private VIP Group Membership
  • Getting Started Tutorial

Regular $197.

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Please note: This is a streamable multimedia program.  You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail.  The entire package will be immediately available for you to access after ordering.  This program is NOT available in stores – you can only access it through this website.  You are 100% backed by our money back guarantee.


  • q-iconI'm trying to buy the program but cant find my country listed in the purchase page

    Due to trade regulations between countries our shopping cart provider did not allow some countries through.  We've worked around this and if your country is not in the list, please email us at and let us know.  We've enabled a Western Union option for you and will work with you.  This is a pain for us but it's worth it if it helps one more person learn Dabke and keep the art alive.

  • q-iconCan I follow the program more than once?


    Because the program is based on learning every single detail related to Dabke, the more times you repeat the better you get.  We actually recommend you re-watch the videos because there is a lot of content and it's good to review

  • q-iconI want to start learning Dabke right now; will I have to wait for you to ship me all this information before I can get started?

    No! The entire program will become immediately available to you via download after your purchase – no shipping fees, no waiting for results – you can start right away!

  • q-iconI’m not in my 20′s or 30′s, will this program still work for someone considerably older?

    Of course it does!  This is something the entire family can partake in.  Young and old.  We've seen Children and Seniors leading lines with everything in between.

  • q-iconIs this program suited for a complete beginner?

    The Dabke 2.0 Program does have Beginner, Intermediate and VERY Advanced moves.

    If you’re a complete beginner and have no clue whatsoever then we recommend you pickup Dabke101 to quickly get started.  However, anyone can give Dabke 2.0 a try.  It's Risk Free!

  • q-iconWhat if it doesnt work for me?

    Then it’s all FREE.

    Simply put, if you follow the Dabke 2.0 Program exactly as outlined in the materials, and do NOT learn how to do great moves while with confidence at any party or wedding,

    We'll refund your money. It’s that simple.  No questions asked!

  • q-iconWill this work for my country's type of Dabke? Can I do Lebanese, Syrian, Jordanian etc.?

    Yes!  The skills you're learning here will allow you to do ANY STYLE no matter where you come from.

  • q-iconStill have a question we havnt answered?

    We are more than happy to answer any additional questions.  Send them to


  • q-iconWhat kind of equipment do I need to start the program?

    All you need to to be one of the best Dabke dancers among your friends is a computer or smart device along with some open space in your living room.

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